An Ecco the Dolphin RPG and Roleplay project set around Defender of the Future and Tides of Time.
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 Character creation guidelines

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PostSubject: Character creation guidelines   Sat Mar 28, 2015 6:27 pm

Character applications are rather flexible, albeit there are a few necessary guidelines.

Main timeline
Common dophins need to be realistic colorations, marking patterns however can be anything you prefer. They have no specific abilities, and are the most diverse of the species.

- Dolphins from Atlantis have mild powers, may have a few abnormal glowing marks, and/or abnormally vibrant eye colors.

Man's Nightmare
Mover dolphins can range from dark bone white, to yellows and muddy greens. Eye colors should range between browns, hazel, or gold.

Crimson and Circle dolphins range from a color like dried blood, to a dull red, blacks, and so on. Crimson have dyed fins, war paint and dyed beak tips are possible.

Dolphin's Nightmare
Outcasts should range only within greens, browns and yellows. These are the smallest and sleekest yet fastest of the species. Eyes can range from hazel, brown, blue, or gold.

Clan dolphins are bulky, uniformly colored with few exceptions. They start out ruddy brown, white, with teal scales and sleeker, and as they grow they become bulky, black and white with duller scales leaning towards violet. All Clan dolphins have red eyes.
- Rarely should a Clan dolphin exhibit white or non-uniform main colors and/or markings their entire life, or any other eye color than red. It is exceptionally rare but not impossible.

Albinism, melanism, and leucism is possible in all species. However, there is a forum-wide limit on these.

All dolphin speech is somewhat poetic in structure except for most Clan dolphins, who should more often than not be abrupt and have standard speech. Clan dolphins are the only militaristic species and the only species to tame other sea life.
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PostSubject: Ability Guidelines   Sat Mar 28, 2015 6:36 pm

Abilities in this universe are quite diverse, there are natural and technological abilities.

Natural abilities are those which offer a passive boost in strength, speed, endurance, or a sonar that can shatter stone.
The only species that isn't allowed to have natural abilities is the standard common dolphin.
Clan dolphins may have more diverse abilities ranging to the control of superheated plasma, elecricity, and so on.

Natural Abilities are limited to two per character unless specified otherwise by an Admin.
Technologically aided abilities have no limit to number, but a limit to capabilities and power.
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Character creation guidelines
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